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Name: Darmin De'flern


Musical Objective:


To promote, create and produce music.   Instrumental pieces for possible library use, songs for music publishers, record companies to use for the artists they represent.  In addition, to enjoy music for its own sake and to take part in the music community.  To advance music production, keyboard skills.  To continue to experiment with different styles of music.  To work closely with people in the music industry and those people who wish for advice or help in creating their own music.  To seek out fellow composers in order to collaborate with them.  To work with vocal artists to better promote their talent and my songs.


About Darmin De'flern:

Darmin was born in South Wales Valleys, UK.  He has had an interest in music ever since he could remember.  At the age of 27, Darmin started to create his own lyrics and melody's.  Reflections of the Soul was compiled in 2000 and many of these tracks were formed from those early melody's.  Since then creating lyrics, composing and playing music has become a large part of his life.  Recently the opportunity has arisen to change a passion into an occupation.  The result this web site was created to establish a presence, to host and promote his music.   Darmin has finished work on his fifth album Ballands and is currently working on new tracks and instrumental pieces.  In addition Darmin is looking to produce his own music videos for use for this website and social network sites like facebook and youtube.



Darmin's achievements include numerous number 1's in the old MP3.com under classical genre in Cardiff Section, some of which went on to become top ten in the all format section in Cardiff.  Other tracks hit the top 10 in the Rock and Electronica, dance genres in the Cardiff Section (and top 10 in Cardiff all formats).  Love and Tears sung by The Bard of Ely reached number 1 in the all formats charts in Cardiff and number 8 in the Love charts UK.  1066 a film score, orchestral piece was number 1 in all formats in Cardiff and reached number 84 in the Classical genre charts in UK (Vanessa May was number 3 in the same charts at the time).   1066 was to make the semi finals of the UK Songwriting Contest 2008 in the instrumental catogory. Darmin De'flern also achieved two semi final entries in 2009 with Snowflake (in my mind) and Return of the king in the UK Songwriting Contest.


Music Notables and Accomplishments (chronological)

What happend?

Duration : Date

Achievements and Comments


At the age of nine was given lessons on the piano by a private tutor.

3 years from 1981-83

Reached Piano Grade 3 with the London School of Music.




Long absence from playing music but still kept an interest. Listened to a variety of music genres, from the new romantics to the heavy metal scene!




Employed as a Telecoms Engineer at a Local Authority in Wales. A colleague (Rob Turner)  encouraged both a lyrical ability and musical talent.



Purchased first keyboard Techincs KN5000.  Started to create music and lyrics.  At this early stage recorded tracks to keyboard (floppy disk) and then recorded to PC (all mixing done on keyboard). 


Bought a second keyboard Roland VA7 after listening to a demo in a music shop.


Taught myself how to play two keyboards at once (used Techincs as bass and Roland as lead) in addition to singing live. 

Formed a band (Terarrim) whos eventual members were to be Rob Taylor, Stephen Taylor, Alwyn Williams, John Sandel, Darmin De'Flern. 

1 year from 1998-99

Recorded four songs (three written by Darmin De'flern one written by Stephen and Rob Taylor).  Debut gig at Jumping Jacks (bar in Cardiff) to decent reception. 

All four tracks were uploaded to the old MP3.com. Each song reached the top ten of the Cardiff Rock chart and two made it high in the all formats charts.  Three songs recorded by Terarrim can be found in .


Composed and recorded over thirty instrumental pieces and uploaded them to the old MP3.com for people to download.

2 years from 1998-2000

Instrumentals consistently on top of the Classical Charts Cardiff Region.  Also got to top ten in rock (rock instrumental).   Numerous entries into top 10 of the All Format Charts Cardiff Region.


Collaborated with The Bard of Ely from Cardiff who sung Love and Tears, written and composed by Darmin De'flern.


Over a period of a year this song had reached number 1 in the Cardiff region All Format Charts and number 8 in the Love Charts UK.  For only the second time mixed a song on the PC on Steinberg’s VST lite.  Previous to this only Our Time had been produced and mixed on a PC.


(Link shows when it was at number 8)

Love & Tears



After listening to a excellent production by Rob Taylor (friend and former band member of Terarrim) created on his PC.  Decided to invest more heavily in music production both in time and equipment.  The aim is to produce songs at a more professional level.


Bought a new PC, Mackie Tracktion 2, FL studio 6 and Amplitube 2.  In addition sold the Technics KN5000 and purchased the Roland G70 V2.  As well as the new higher quality recordings the equipment allowed for the first time guitar based tracks due to the guitar emulation on the Roland G70. 


Previously many guitar based song ideas where compromised due to inability to not having the means to produce guitar based song ideas (songs ended up being piano based instead).


Emigrated to Malaysia (to be with wife) fully concentrating on creating songs full time.


Currently producing four songs for the album Ballads to send to music publishers.


Decided to enhance promotion of music with dedicated web-site.


Created and updating this web-site. 

1066 become a Semi Final Entry in the UK songwriting Contest instrumental catogory.


Semi Final Entry Awarded UK Songwriting Contest


Snow Flake (In My Mind) and Excalibur (Return of the King) both entered into UK Songwriting Contest Instramental catogory.


Semi Final Entry Awarded UK Songwriting Contest for both entries.

Purchased Laptop, Scarlet Focusrite 18i6, Korg Kronos, Panasonic HDV V100 Camcorder, Cyberlink Power Director 10 Ultra, Serif DrawPlus X5, Reaper (DAW).


Equipment purchased in order to create music, reach wider audiance, sell music.

Music Creation, Creating Music Videos.


First Music Video for A Different Path.  Also The Road created using new hardware/software.  Work ongoing....


Age: 40

Born: 1972

Sex: Male

Country of Origin: Wales, UK

Residing: Wales or Malaysia

Music Styles:  Rock, Metal, Classical (Symphonic, Orchestral), Ballads, Love Songs, Instrumental, Electronica


Creation of both lyrics and/or music for above

Musical Influences: Paradise Lost, John Williams, Biff Naked, Jean Michelle Jarr, Iron Maiden, Garbage, Oasis, Madonna, Type 'O' Negative, Republica, Jerry Goldsmith, Elton John, Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan, Motorhead, Queen, Def Leopard, Moby and many more!

Instrument: Keyboard(s) / 4 String Bass

Equipment Used:

Keyboards / Instruments: Roland VA7 v2 ,Roland G-70 v3 (with SR-01), Korg Kronos 1.6, Washburn Status 1000 headles 5 string bass.

Mixer: Mackie CR1604

Mic: Sennheiser Cardioid

Monitor Speakers: Roland DM2100, Sennheiser Monitor headphones

Software:Mackie Tracktion 2, Amplitube Version 2, FL Studio 7, Windows XP v2, EZGenerator (for Web Site), Reaper, Cyrberlink Power Director 10 ultra, Serif DrawPlus x5,

Hardware: Dell Quad Core Laptop, Scarlett 18i6 Focusrite, Panasonic HC V-100 camcorder,

Belongs to: Member of the Guild of International Songwriters and Composers


Other Activities/Interests


Writing Poetry-Prose, Playing Keyboard (for my own enjoyment), Computers and console (internet, gaming), Reading novels (fantasy, sci-fi, horror, paranormal-romance), watching movies, watching TV series, Martial Arts (Tai Chi), Spending time with my wife!


Darmin De'flern© 2007-2012 all rights reserved.