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Darmin De'flern Facebook Page 

My Facebook Page currently under construction.

Korg Forums

A place for people whoe have or are intrested in the Korg products excellent community!

EZGenerator Web site Building Software

EZGenerator is an easy to use and powerful web site building tool that creates complete web sites which can be hosted anywhere! All graphical elements & menu structures are automatically generated based on an impressive collection of over 2000 customizable graphical templates.

FL Studio - Virtual Music Studio

FL Studio lets you create your own songs and audio loops. It comes with hundreds of sound effects, tweaking instruments and automated tools. It offers a piano roll, MIDI support, multi-out VST and VSTi support, multi-out DX and DXi support and multi-out Rewire support.

Roland Music

Roland's Music main products and support site.

The International Songwriters and Composers Guild

Find out what this guild can do for budding and  pro composers and songwriters!

Mackie Products

Mackie's product and support web site, including Tracktion 2 and Tracktion 3 information.


Creative's web site for products and support.  Also includes information on the X-Fi Fatality sound card.

Bard of Ely

The Bard of Ely sung on my track Love and Tears which was put in the former MP3 charts, it went on  to number eight in the UK Love Charts and number one in All Format Charts for Cardiff.

Amplitube 2

A state of the art software guitar amp/effect/foot pedal modeling VST which i use in conjunction with Tracktion 2.

The Starlight Cafe 

A place to read poems and lyrics,  I have linked to some of the poems and lyrics which I have written and put on this web site.

Poets Passion

Another web site where you can read and submit poems.  I have linked to the poems that I have posted on this web site.

Ed Drury

Ed is a multi instrumentalist, composer, teacher, instrument maker and author. Classically trained as a trumpeter, Ed traded his trumpet for an electric guitar and was a well known side man and session musician on the West Coast of the United States for the better part of the 1970sIn 1989 he studied various traditional music forms from around the world, including the didgeridoo."

Vesa Peltonen

Born in Finland in 1953, artist, designer, teacher and musician, Vesa Peltonen has had a varied and rewarding career in the art field. He is nationally recognized for his serigraph prints. Notable limited edition print commissions have been; to design an image depicting Ballet dancer, Karen Kain and also one relating to Dr. Jane Goodall, commemorating her 30 years studying animals in the wild, which was specially made for ‘ZooCheck Canada’. Both of these were co-signed also.

UK Songwriting Contest

The UK Songwriting Contest is held annually in association with The BRIT Trust, The British Academy of Composers and Songwriters, The Guild of INternational Songwriters and Composers, BBC Radio, The World Music Foundation, Music AID UK and other music industry bodies


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