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Darmin was born in South Wales Valleys, UK.  He has had an interest in music ever since he could remember.  At the age of 27, Darmin started to create his own lyrics and melody's.  Reflections of the Soul was compiled in 2000 and many of these tracks were formed from those early melody's.  Since then creating lyrics, composing and playing music has become a large part of his life.  Recently the opportunity has arisen to change a passion into an occupation.  The result this web site was created to establish a presence, to host and promote his music.   Darmin is currently working on his fifth album titled "Ballads" and is a different from his past albums in that all the tracks are songs (previous tracks were mainly instrumental).


Darmin's achievements include numerous number 1's in the old MP3.com under classical genre in Cardiff Section, some of which went on to become top ten in the all format section in Cardiff section.  Other tracks hit the top 10 in the Rock and Electronica, dance genres in the Cardiff Section (and top 10 in Cardiff all formats).  Love and Tears sung by The Bard of Ely reached number 1 in the all formats charts in Cardiff and number 8 in the Love charts UK.  1066 a film score, orchestral piece was number 1 in all formats in Cardiff and reached number 84 in the Classical genre charts in UK (Vanessa May was number 3 in the same charts at the time).


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Special thanks to:


My loving wife Bonnie

My brother Dale and Dad!

Simon Reeves

Jamie Rigler

Bard of Ely

Former band members of Terarrim

Rob & Steve Taylor

Alwyn Williams

John Bowden



All the above have supported, helped and encouraged me.


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