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About Fan quotes

Fan says:


Great sound!!!....like your music"

Fan says:

"What's up?

I've been listening you your stuff, and man... I loved it!

sounds like you have like a special tune...

how long have you been working on your music ?

what equipment do you use ?"

Bard of Ely says:

"This classically inspired composition (1066) opens powerfully and continues to build. The strings and horns, generated by Darmin's electronic keyboards wizardry, sound like a real orchestra. You can almost see the conductor and the musicians in front of him.  There are surges and lulls and you can easily imagine a battle underway, with soldiers meeting head-on and also retreating before commencing to take up the fight again.

I am not a fan of classical style music but was moved by this piece and held by the intensity of its power.  Labeled as 'Film Music' I would agree that it would make an excellent soundtrack for a period drama or documentary set at the time of the battle of 1066 or similar.

This is an awesome piece of music and if I was Darmin this would be the composition I would use to showcase my talents!

A Fan said:

I listened to ... Love and Tears with Darmin De 'flern A very monstrous arrangement and performance It is somehow very exaggerated...

Ed Drury said:

Definitely hear a bit of moody blues in your work. Which, coming from me, is meant as most sincere praise indeed being perhaps the biggest MB fan here by quite a long shot. What I like about them is what I like hearing you - a broad canvas with lots of influences converging on common ground which is a solid foundation of rock.

As to whom you sound like, that is a question to ask but is answered nicely in your music. You are creative and original with elements of other creative original people. This is only natural. I think you're on a good path musically, letting others make the comparisons shows that as well.

About Love & Tears (by Ed Drury)

Love and Tears is a great collaborative effort and it's wonderfully produced as well. Very balanced and solid groove with a nice build from intro to first verse. Great sound!

Vesa said:

...I really thought 'I Want You To Know' was the ...., best sounding one with good levels. Vocals most expressive & like the tonal range. Very excellent song

I certainly enjoyed the others...'Deep Within My Heart' has a lovely guitar & good sound mix.

The first one (Summer Turns to Autumn) has a lovely soft piano creating a enjoyable atmosphere, a change occurs ... into more uptempo rock style, which is cool It still keeps the piano in there, some good percussion. The instruments accompany the vocals well.


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