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Here are some lyrics/poems that Darmin De'flern wrote please note they are all Copyright © 2000-2007 to Darmin De'flern and are for viewing purposes only.

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Infinites Curse


[Verse 1]

Starting at the end not realizing fates intent

Path through infinity no place for thee

Death of innocence thy mind wide open

To old/new experiences dancing the same steps



Forsworn and unloved chained by my heart

Banished from life unwelcome by death

Forsworn and unloved chained by my heart

Banished from life unwelcome by death


[Verse 2] 

Rising a dark phoenix watching medusa eyes

Setting thy spirit alight while living these endless nights

To start at the beginning the world would end

To foresee the future reality would fragment




The Waterfall


Sparkling water, an unending cascade

Leaping over the precipice to fall

Slowly gliding through the air

A shimmering blue white curtain

Shrouded in mist


A roar greets its eternal decent

As it joins the stormy white cloud

Then a resting place where the moss grows

Before its journey anew it begins

Babbling its sweet tune




No Worries


[Verse 1]

No care in the world did I have

Until I met you

I felt compelled to look into your eyes

You captured my heart

My carefree days ended then my love

How could you have known?

That you had stolen my soul




No worries until that day

I skated through life’s worries

But I learnt when I met you I had a hole inside my soul

And you showed how my life was

When I beheld your spirit within your eyes


[Verse 2]

My happy go lucky life came to an end

You stopped me dead

You made so much a difference to the way I feel

I seen things in a new light

My life was suddenly so shallow and dull

Lost forever within that one look




One look in your eyes

Is all it took

I lost myself to you

Then and now

I hope you feel the same way

I will never be so carefree

So carefree

So carefree


More will be added at regular intervals check back soon!!!

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Darmin De'flern© 2007-2012 all rights reserved.