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Welcome to Darmin De'flern's Web site


Darmin De'flern is a composer, songwriter and musician of different styles.  Use this web site to keep up to date with latest news, sample tracks and lyrics and find out more about this artist. Your are welcome, enjoy your visit .


Darmin De'flern is a member of the The Guild of International Songwriters and Composers (find out about the Guild in this web site's ).


All music found on this web site is available for exclusive publishing agreement(s), SSA publishing agreement(s) and non-exclusive licensing agreement(s).


Darmin De'flern is a UK Songwriting Contest 2008 and two times 2009 Semi Finalist.




Welcome to Darmin De'flern's music web site. Listen to the clips on the home page, if you enjoy them then Discography page has a comprehensive list of tracks. Please do not hesitate to contact Darmin De'flern if you have any questions whether they be business questions or general interest. Contact information can be found in the contacts tab. Best viewed @ 1024x768.


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Lyrics now added to discography to tie in with the relevant songs.  Click on discography tab or to access.


Music Videos Section is new and is now working.  Please find all the music videos that I have created there.  In addition you will find embedded links to my videos from my Youtube Video Channel.


News so Far.....

6 New Music Video's The Road, Snowden & Frozen Lake (Skate) live performances, K Break, Journey's End and Trance Nation XR now up:

I have put my new music video for The Road.  You can find it on this page.  The video was created by myself using footage of roads in Malaysia.  I also have a part taken in and outside Hard Rock Caffe Malaysia and I would like to thank them for their kind permission to film there.  I hope you enjoy the video!


Also added music video Trance Nation XR.  This track was done exclusivly with my Korg Kronos 88 and Reaper DAW.  The performance was done by yours truly enjoy!


Also added a music Video called K Break, created with Kronos and Reaper DAW.  I also perform in this video against the backdrop of Kuala Lumper taken from the KL Monorail between KL Central station and Imbi (Times Square).


Snowden is the very first tune I ever created when I was still in school.  I basicly came up with the chord and chord progression while experimenting on a school piano.  I then added the melody to compliment the chord progression later.  Although simple I am still very proud of the tune and find it beautifull and I love to play it to warm up my fingers.


Music Video Journey's End a simple but beautifull track, drum strings and piano piece. I'ts unsual for me to use drum tracks on instrumental piano pieces. However it served to create an up tempo track that worked well with the melody. I used some backgrounds that I downloaded from the kind folks from Cyberlink Director Zone. So thanks for them. I feel that the beautifull animated scenery complements the music well I hope you agree, enjoy!




Six New Instrumental Tracks Created on Korg Kronos 88:

I have put Six new tracks inspired just by working my way around my new Keyboard the Korg Kronos 88.  Would also like to give the guys at korg forums some thanks for their guidance so far.

[News Early 2012]

New track uploaded 3 of 4.

I may delay the promised forth song due to the fact my vocals don't really suit the song so hoping that somone else will sing this for me.


However I have finished mastering the third song and its now up on the front page and the discography page.  This is a very high tempo rock song with some strains of punk thrown in.  I was fortunate to have a guest singer who lends his vocals to mine Steve Taylor one of my ex Terarrim band mates.  Hope you enjoy and I will also be posting the lyrics in the lyrics section soon!

First Music Video Uploaded

New music video created for A Different Path which  you can view on this page.  In order to try to reach a larger audiance (Youtube, Facebook for example) I felt that I needed to do some video work to go along with the music.  This is my first attempt at a music video for one of my latest songs hope you like it!

New Song Up 2 of 4

Song 1 and 2 of the four new songs are up as promised using new equipment.  The first one is called The Road and is in the style of a hybrid of Country and Western and a Rock Ballad. 


Second Song added is called A Diffrent Path and is probably more in the Metal genra than heavy rock.  This is diffrent for me as its based on a riff rather than chord progression and the mian rythym instrument changes from a guiatr to a bass in the chorus section (two basses playing in this section).  Its also unusal as the middle 8 is almost a second bridge and has some vocals over it to.  Also the bridge is before the chorus rather than after it!!!  Lastly I use my buzz vocals to add a gritty angry quality to the melody line sung to emphasies the lyrics!


The songs can be found opposite for the mp3 256 bit (high quality long stream time) version.  MP3 version will be in , can be found here!

Sent out music demos (over 100 cds) to music libraries.

Please see for details.

Up and Runing after purchasing a new PC

Hope to create new music in the very near future watch this space for more news...

[News Late 2009]

Return of the King and Snowflake (In My Mind) make the Semi Finals of UK Songwriters Contest 2009

Both songs were the Instrumental categories.  You can listen to them on this web site.  Smitten from the Ballads album was also awarded a comended entry.

Please find these songs in the Section.

1066 Makes Semi Finals in UK Songwriters Contest 2008


I entered 4 songs in the UK Song Writing Contest 2008 of the 4 songs 1066 was a Semi Finalist in the Instrumental catagory.  Whats Going On? and You're Not Alone both were awarded Commended Entry in the Adult Contemporary categories.


In addition a Welsh local newspaper published a story regarding this achievement.

Click on Above Image to read larger version

Please find these songs in the Section.

[News mid 2008]

Fith Album now finished!

Re-arranged tracks, all post production finished. Only thing left is the cover art!!

[Early 2008]

3 New Songs added to Ballads Album!!!!

New track Vengance, Your not aloneand Remember? added to the Ballads album (final three tracks).

Click to stream these songs.

3 Unreleased (on this web) Songs now available for streaming!!!!

Three unreleased instrumental pieces including:


1066 (Previous mp3.com hit!!!)

Myriad (Merlyns Pool)

Click to stream these songs.

For regular news, diary, pictures and views posted by Darmin De'flern then you may wish to visit the regularly updated section.


Website currently consists of the following:

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 Music Videos
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Please note that all songs can be found in the section these are just some examples and new songs produced recently!

New Songs / Video Added May to July 2012:

Music Video: Frozen Lake (Skate) (live performance).  Right Click > Zoom > Full Screen (for full screen) Escape to exit.  Video and Music by Darmin De'flern. 

Music Video: Journey's End.  Right Click > Zoom > Full Screen (for full screen) Escape to exit.  Video and Music by Darmin De'flern.

Music Video: K Break.  Right Click > Zoom > Full Screen (for full screen) Escape to exit.  Video and Music by Darmin De'flern.

Music Video: Snowden (live performance).  Right Click > Zoom > Full Screen (for full screen) Escape to exit.  Video and Music by Darmin De'flern. 

Music Video: The Road.  Right Click > Zoom > Full Screen (for full screen) Escape to exit.  Video and Music by Darmin De'flern. 

Music Video: Trance Nation XR.  Right Click > Zoom > Full Screen (for full screen) Escape to exit.  Video and Music by Darmin De'flern. 

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Six Tracks :

Track 1: Frozen Lake (Skate);  Genre: Instrumental Piano; Format mp3 256 bit 44khz; Album TBA.

Track 2: Journeys End; Genere:  Instrumental Piano, String and Drums; Format mp3 256 bit 44khz; Album TBA.

Track 3: Trance Nation XR: Genre: Trance, Format mp3 256 bit 44khz; Album TBA.

Track 4: Ocean Swell: Genre; Instrumental Piano; Format mp3 256 bit 44khz: Album TBA.

Track 5: The Kedar Range: Genre; Instrumental Asian\Indian; Format mp4 256 bit 44khz: Album TBA.

Track 6: K Break: Genre; Break Beat (Dance); Format mp3 256 bit 22khz: Album TBA

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Track: Stars That Night;  Genre: Rock / Punk elements; Format mp3 256 bit 44khz; Album TBA.

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Track: The Road;  Genre: Country & Western / Rock; Format mp3 256 bit 44kHz; Album; tba.

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Track: A Diffrent Path; Genre: Hard Rock / Metal; Format mp3 256 bit 44kHz; Album tba.

Music Video A Different Path.  Right Click > Zoom > Full Screen (for full screen) Escape to exit.  Video and Music by Darmin De'flern. 

Please note that this is a high quality video and may take some time to buffer.

Sample Songs from the Discography Section:



Samples are taken from:

1) (You Never) Want To Be With Me

    Style: Rock ballad

    From Album: Ballads

2) Snowflake (In My Mind)

    Style: Instrumental piano

    From Album: Live

3) Deep Inside My Heart

    Style: Ballad

    From Album: Ballads

4) Sensory Superflow,

    Style: Instrumental electronic a

    From Album: Excalibur (Return of the king)

    featuring Terarrim 

5) 1066

    Style: Instramental Orchestral

    From Album: N/A


 for listing of songs and albums.


Darmin De'flern editing his latest music project with Reaper DAW and various VST's,

Darmin De'flern with his two keyboards (Korg Kronos 88  and Roland G70 V3)

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